About Us

About Us

The Piper Creek Optimist Club is a community club dedicated to raising money to serve Red Deer and area youth. We have approximately 35 members and raise between $80,000 and $100,000 annually. Since 1985 we have donated almost 1.2 Million dollars.

Our positive approach, our upbeat outlook and our commitment to creating a more optimistic future for our kids is what differentiates Optimist Clubs from any other volunteer opportunity. Communities throughout Canada, the United States and other nations have been touched by the powerful, positive force of the 150,000 Optimist club members.

From sponsoring youth athletic leagues, to funding special care nurseries for newborn babies in distress, to educating our children on the effects of alcohol and drug abuse – Optimist Clubs are responding to the special needs of our local communities.

Although we come from all walks of life, Optimist club members share one common trait. We know we can make a difference! “Involvement”, “Confidence”, “Enthusiasm”… call it what you like but it works! Just ask the millions of people who have benefited from our commitment to community.

The Piper Creek Optimist Club of Red Deer, AB, was incorporated in 1985 and operates as a non-profit organization, whose primary objective is to raise funds that support various youth programs throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta. The main benefits of working together with the Piper Creek Optimist club are provided below:

  • 95% of the proceeds we receive from each of our fundraising endeavors STAY within the City of Red Deer and surrounding communities!
  • The Piper Creek Optimist club consists of over 50 volunteer members! All events we organize and operate, are run by our group of volunteers, which means, very little of our costs are attached to event planning, or professional fundraising fees.

Over the years, the Piper Creek Optimist club has played a big role in developing and supporting programs such as Camp Quality, DARE (Drug Abuse and Resistance Education), Safe and Dry Grads, Bike Safety, Just Say ‘No’, Butt Ugly and projects like the Children’s Services Center, Youth and Volunteer Centre, Women’s Outreach, Red Deer Public Library, or the Special Care Nursery in the Red Deer Regional Hospital among many others.

There is more to being an Optimist member than just fundraising. Whether you’re searching for an outlet to help your community, fellowship, or rewarding camaraderie, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Piper Creek Optimist Club. We hold numerous events for our members such as, golf tournaments, Christmas and Halloween parties as well as Social Nights. Come out and join the fun and help your community at the same time!