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Rob Nash – Free Conference Tickets – Wed, June 5 at 7 pm – Piper Creek Optimist Club of Red Deer

Piper Creek Optimist Club of Red Deer is sponsoring a free event to see Robb Nash on Wednesday, June 5th at 7pm.

Robb Nash is a Winnipeg musician who is mostly known for performing for schools (grade 6 to 10) with the goal of reaching out and explaining his story to others who may be struggling with suicide, addiction, or a variety of mental health issues. His events are powerful and engaging.

Robb and his team are doing presentations in Red Deer the afternoon of June 4, 5, & 6 doing for schools all over Central Alberta.

RBC requested a show June 5th evening for the friends, family, students and clients of RBC that were not able to make the shows. He generously agreed. The show has capacity for 1,500 youth at least 11 years old.

Tickets are FREE.

For More information, click on the invitation below:

Most kids walk around with a suicide note for a couple months, waiting for some event to push them either over the edge or back off the ledge. Robb’s events reach those people. He has collected hundreds of notes and has gone so far as to tattoo many of their names on his arms.


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