There are numerous projects and organizations that have received, or continue to receive our assistance. They include, Red Deer College, Women’s Outreach Centre, Safe and Dry Grads, Bike Safety program, Big Brothers and Sisters among others, including those listed below.

The Piper Creek Optimist Club of Red Deer has donated over $1.3M to Red Deer and area youth.

Here is a list of our donations:Piper Creek Optimist Club Donation List

Special Care Nursery!

Piper Creek Optimist Club Special Care Nursery - Red Deer Regional Hospital

A project the Piper Creek organization provided substantial funding for in 1995. A plaque of recognition can be viewed just outside the entrance to the Nursery where newborn babies that are premature, or in critical health are cared for. This area provides parental suites so mother’s can remain near to their newborn child 24-hours a day.

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Dare Program

We have been the main financial provider to the DARE program throughout the elementary and middle school systems since inception in 1997.

– Over $125,000 was provided over the years.

– Program reaches every child in the Red

Deer school system for grades 5 and 8.

– Recognition provided through each

school’s graduation ceremony!

Children Service Center

The Piper Creek Optimist Club played a significant role in the capital fund raising drive for the Children’s Services Centre new building. In July 2004 the Centre moved away form its overcrowded office space into its own, renovated building at a total cost of $1.5 million. A very generous contribution of $35,000 was provided by the Piper Creek Optimist club and was directed toward the Early Intervention program area. A further $3,500 was provided to furnish and equip the area in 2004.

The Children’s Services Centre (CSC) is a non-profit organization, which provides services to young children with special needs, their families and their caregivers. Whether the needs are social, physical, intellectual, or emotional, the Children Services Centre is there for our kids and as a support for parents. The staff of 45 includes therapy teams, teachers, consultants, aides and support staff. The Early Intervention Program staff work with families in the initial stages of parenting a child with special needs. By providing families with information and support, the staff partner with parents as they become empowered to manage their child’s service provision and to advocate for their child’s needs. The family room in the early intervention area is designed to meet the needs of parents with infants who are non-mobile. Interesting crawling and exploring spaces, music and books provide a relaxed setting for children to play and parents to talk with staff, or to meet with other parents. To enhance this setting, beautiful wall murals depicting many seasonal activities complement the family room.

Red Deer Public Library!

The Piper Creek Optimist Children’s Wing was made possible through our participation in 1992. This Wing provides a resource area for parents and their children to utilize books, toys, and group story times among many other uses.

Red Deer College

Over the years, the Piper Creek Optimist Club has been a part of the ever growing and expanding Red Deer College. Our hope is to help to create a better learning environment for our kids and give them a better advantage in the ever increasingly competitive workforce.

Home of the Relay for Youth and the Piper Creek Optimist Sports Fields!!

Youth and Volunteer Centre!

The Youth and Volunteer Centre is a resource in Red Deer to assist families, which inhibit behavioral and relationship troubles. It provides councilors to help, both parents and kids alike, as well as rooming for those ‘cooling’ down periods.

Another big program provided through the Y&V Center is ‘Camp Alexo’ run every summer in the foothills of the Rockies.